A Good University

Topics: Education, Learning, Study skills Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Xun Cai

A Good University

Universities are places where students come to learn various courses from instructors.Moreover, a good university must be able to support the learning process, and a university should have enough qualified instructors, many facilities, and good management. These are important to me. One characteristic of a good university is that it has enough qualified instructors.Being a qualified instructor for a course requires more than having knowledge in the course. It requires having adequate teaching skills. Good teaching skills include that the teacher must be patient,organized, and can teach students how to learn. For example, my grammar teacher helps me to study English a lot. Whenever I don't understand the classes, she teaches me over and over until I get it. Also, she teaches me how to learn efficiently by studying English. Being a place where students come to learn, a university should have good qualified instructors for courses. As for the second characteristic, a good university must have many facilities for students. Furthermore, there must be enough rooms for the courses. Sometimes, a lot of students take same course, so the classroom must be large enough. Likewise, the library should have enough books for studying because I often need to go to the library to consult books for help study and homework. These facilities are necessary for a university. A third characteristic of a good university is that it have good management. That means a university should have enough staff and services. Moreover, a good university should have health center because if i get sick, I can go to the health center to see a doctor.In addition, a good university should have tutoring because sometimes the classes are hard for me, so the teacher can help me when I can't understand the classes. Having enough staff and services will insure students who can learn better. In...
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