A Good Place to Live

Topics: Tennis, Swimming pool, House Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Around two years ago, I got a new job in the north Philadelphia area. I needed to move from the downtown area of Philadelphia to Lansdale. After spending several months living in noise downtown, I wanted a place to be quite and comfortable. I got the Guide to Apartments, and we drove from one apartment complex to another. I spent three weekends looking for a new home. Finally, I discovered a wonderful apartment, Hatfield Village. There were attractive buildings, beautiful surrounding, and good tennis courts.

Along the Hatfield Village sign, I drive through a gateway that is surrounded by maple trees; a group of attractive building appeared on the horizon. About thirty buildings are scatted in the ocean of bright green lawns and maple trees. The black roofs sparkle in the sun. Dark redrectangular brick joined by gray mortar create the outside wall neatly. White, thin and evenly spaced window frames and doorframes are set into brick. Fresh and colorful flowers are around these building. Occasionally, the diligent bees and pretty butterflies fly busily between the clusters of flowers.

Hatfield Village has beautiful surrounding that the view is especially from my living room’s window. As I walk through the front door, I ascend green-carpeted stairs, which lead to the living room. From the window of my living room, I can see a small stream flows through the south part of the village. In the clear, blue water, ducks and white geese swim freely on the water’s surface. On the other side of the stream, there is an Olympic-size swimming pool that is free for all village residents. Beside the blue swimming pool, there is a big baseball field. During the weekend, the field is always crowed with young kids and their parents. A picnic area is on the eastern side of the swimming pool. The delicious smell of barbecue comes from there, especially on a hot summer weekend. Behind my building, there is a small maple forest that is a good walking place. Whenever the autumn...
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