A Good Movie

Topics: Marketing, National Film Registry, Value Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Allison Hutchinson
August 27, 2012
Joshua Shon

Most of us enjoy a good movie. Movie can relax the distressed mind and can even change a sad or frustrated person’s mood. Watching a movie is the perfect balance to a peaceful atmosphere or a noisy gathering. If there is a certain movie you like to watch, obviously you purchase the release copy at the store so you can enjoy it at any time you want. Nevertheless doesn’t the price of the movie at the store make you annoyed? You begin to wonder whether the enjoyment from the movie is worth the investment. I have to consider if I can actually afford such a purchase. That is why currently I need to tell you that one point of frustration for me is the unreasonably high selling price of a movie. Body

One point of frustration for me is the excessively high selling price of a movie. Retail companies price movies to make certain of their investment. "For us, the number one mission in Hollywood today is to bring more value to ownership,” states (J Calkins). 1.Costumers pick up the tab for the advanced technology needed to watch high-quality DVD movies. 2.Movie companies need to finance low or high selling releases, new development, marketing and such. 3.Movie prices are also driven up by greed on the part of the retail companies. 4. Multimillion dollar movies with actor cause rate hikes at the store. 5.The difference between the manufacturing cost and the wholesale price is about four dollars per DVD movie Consumers are willing to pay the high prices. Personally I have decided to make the investment in movies because I enjoy the high quality DVD movies. Conclusion

Even though price overcharging happens and greediness is flourishing in the DVD movie business, individuals are still purchasing movies. Value and demand, in my belief, are what keeping the movie industry going. I will continue to purchase DVD movies however it truly aggravates me to buy at such high prices....
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