A Good Man Is Hard to Find Q & a

Topics: Fiction, MISFITS, Narrative Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: October 12, 2010
The story contains foreshadowing in its references to the misfit. Reread the story looking for other examples of foreshadowing. How do the characters, events and descriptions prepare the reader for what is to come? In what other ways does the story forecast its outcome? The emphasis on the negative aspects of the Misfit character builds throughout the story. The reader gets a sense that the Misfit is a criminal, escaped convict and in general must be a bad person. The mentions in detail the newspaper article which also helps to foreshadow the Misfits importance in the story. The characters also occasionally allude to the possibility of being captured by the Misfit or at the very least coming in contact with him. Knowing the characters fears and that the Misfit id on the loose gives the story a very suspenseful feeling. It seeded rather obvious to me as I was reading that the grandmother was going to run into the Misfit sometime later in the story. Which character do you find the most interesting and why? Develop a character sketch detailing the traits of that character when he or she is first introduced in the story. The character I find most interesting is the Misfit. In the last scene especially I felt like the story did not come to a complete conclusion. I was left wondering about the possibility that he could be the grandmother’s child. I also wondered did the Misfit really begin to believe that. Or was it really a last ditch effort for the grandmother to saver her own life. What also struck me was why the grandmother had such inkling to talk about the Misfit so much. Perhaps she thought of him and felt a connection to him or knew something that we did not. Does the narrator's perception of the character you have chosen change? How does your understanding of the character change? Revise your character sketch to account for these changes. Yes the narrator’s tone changes somewhat. There were moments of sincerity and I wondered if there was a change in heart...
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