A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Short Story

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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A Good Man Is Hard To Find
·In "A Good Man Is Hard To Find," after he has shot the grandmother, the Misfit says of her, "She would of been a good women...if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life" (290). What does he mean by this, and how is he correct-or incorrect-in his assessment? "A Good Man Is Hard To Find," a short story, written by Flannery O' Connor, is set in Atlanta and details the story of a family who are murdered by three psychopaths and the fate of the who didn't wanted to go to Florida for vacation instead, she wanted to visit some of her relatives in east Tennesse but the bad luck follows her at her every turn and puts an end to her clan. As the Misfit says at the end of the story, "She would of been a good women...if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life" (290).

She had a son named Bailey, who she used to live with. Bailey, had a wife, which according to the grandmother wasn't a real women. But rather, she was a lady, as she wore slacks and had tied her hair with a green head-kerchief that pointed on the top like rabbits ears. They had a eight year old chubby boy with glasses, John Wesley and a little girl named June Star and a small baby. The grandmother was trying to change Bailey's mind every second she got the chance to. As grandma was reading a Journal in the newspaper that a prisoner who called himself, the Misfit was free from the jail and was heading towards Florida, she tried to convence Bailey not to go to Florida but Bailey didn't spoke a word. She even tried telling the children's mother but she intended not to hear her.

The next morning, grandma was the first one to get in the car with her hippopotamus head like suitcase, and under which was a basket with, Pitty Sing, her cat. She planed not to keep the cat at home for she would miss her too much. Then, the grandmother sat at the back of their car inbetween John Wesley and June Star and Briley drove the car with his wife...
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