A Good Man Is Hard to Find: Is It to Convert People to the Christian Faith?

Topics: Morality, Religion, Ethics Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: April 27, 2013
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
I think “A Good Man is Hard to Find” was written partially in order to convert people who have not yet fully accepted the Christian faith. From my research, the author, herself being a strong believer in Christianity, probably thought that writing this story will help make people who aren’t really living by the Christian rules to seriously consider doing so. In “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” the grandmother and Misfit lived by their moral beliefs that influence their decisions, actions, and perceptions. Although at first glance the Misfit’s moral beliefs seems to be misguided, it is actually the grandmother’s morals that proves to be flimsy and inconsistent. In my opinion, I think that the Misfit was constantly experiencing a deep inner struggle and this was revealed in his conversation with Grandmother.

The immoral character of the Misfit was very well portrayed, as well as the character of the Grandmother. Most of the characters in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” go through some kind of changes in their views of the world and in their perceptions about life and death. Such character in this particular story was the Grandmother.The unnamed grandmother considers herself morally superior to others by virtue of her being a lady and her freely and frequently passes judgment on others. She claims that her conscience was a guiding force in her life, such as when she told Bailey that her conscience wouldn’t allow her to take the children in the same direction as the Misfit. She criticizes the children’s mother for not traveling to a place that would allow the children to be broad, and she compared the mother’s face to a cabbage. She disciplines John Wesley for not having more respect for Georgia, his home state. She also takes any opportunity to be judgmental at the lack of goodness in people in the world today. During all this, she proudly wore her carefully selected dress and hat, certain that being a lady was the...
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