A Good Man Is Hard to Find written by Flannery O’ Connor

Topics: Family, A Good Man Is Hard to Find Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: April 12, 2013
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
“A Good Man Is Hard To Find” is written by Flannery O’ Connor. This cynical short story takes a dive into this family’s lives while they are on a road trip to Florida. During this supposed to be long-lasting vacation, the reader gains a grasp of each character and their personalities. As this ‘not so close’ family travels through Georgia, the grandmother and children convinced the father, Bailey, with their whining, to go off course to some house the grandmother remembers. Unfortunately, the grandmother forgot to mention that the detailed house she remembers is in Tennessee, not Georgia. At the same moment the grandmother’s cat latches onto Bailey’s neck as panic sweeps through when their car flips twice into a ditch. The overwhelming feeling of being saved arises as they watch strangers slowly pull up, quickly fades when the grandmother screams, “You’re The Misfit”. Throughout this story, both the Misfit and the grandmother are unable to see the truth about themselves and are in deniable about their self-concept. The grandmother is a self-deluded, manipulated woman who is convinced that she is a good person and comes from ‘good blood’ and her grandchildren, John Wesley and June Star, see right through it. Her son, Bailey, is only tolerant of her because she is his mother, up until her ignorance is too much for him to handle during the accident. The Misfit, a criminal and a murderer, is equally if not more self-deluded than the grandmother. Ironically, he has a seriousness about life’s meaning (of lack thereof) and a searching need to look below the surface of events that the grandmother lacks. It takes the murder of the grandmother’s family and the immanent threat of her own death to break through her hard shell of denial and open her eyes to her common humanity with the lowly Misfit at the end of the story. The grandmother believes she is the most righteous in the family. On the contrary, her whole family cannot stand her. She was...
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