A Good Man essay

Topics: Family, Short story, Fiction Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Misfit :
Definitely round. He is a murderer. He lacks apathy for most of the family, but he takes time to talk to the grandmother. He is from a "good" family and seems to know how to talk the talk of a good southern boy. He actually seems touched by the grandmother's words, yet he is quickly repulsed by his apathy. He almost seemed like he was going to help out the stranded family until they reccognized them.

The grandma is an example of a round/dynamic character because she has varied traits and her character changes during the story. She is caring because she does not want to leave the cat at home be itself, in fear that the cat will get hurt. Also, she is caution, warning her son about the speed limit and not to exceed the limit because patrolmen are hiding in order to catch law breakers. She is observant and appreciates the simple things in life, such as “stone mountain; the blue granite… the brilliant red clay banks…” On the way, she spots a “little Negro child” on the side of the road and she said “if I could paint, I’d paint that picture,” which shows her sincerity. The grandma is also funny, when John Wesley asked “where’s the plantation?” she responded, “Gone with the wind.” The grandmother is respectful towards the earth; she did not let the children throw the box and the paper napkins out the window. At times she feels embarrassed because of the way her grandchildren acts. The grandmother starts off sable then she became emotional. Another round/dynamic character is the Misfit. When the Misfit first encounters the family, he greets them with “Good afternoon.” When the grandmother “began to cry” the “Misfit reddened.” This shows that the Misfit has compassion towards the grandmother that in seeing her cry he feels guilty. He sees the grandmother upset so he tries to comfort her by telling her “don’t you get upset. Sometimes a man says thing he don’t mean. I don’t reckon he meant to talk to you thataway.” At one point, the Misfit apologizes to the...
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