A Good God Will Not Allow People to Suffer.

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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A good God will not allow people to suffer. Discuss.

Some people believe that this statement is true. They believe that God is benevolent and therefore he is all loving, creating a positive image of himself where people believe that he wouldn’t inflict pain on any one of his creation. However, it’s not always down to God, for example some people believe in the act of free will, this means that the actions humans do such as murder, rape etc… don’t involve God. He gave humans free will so we’re responsible for what we decide to do with our life with little involvement from God. When God created the world he made it perfect. He then left his stewards to take care of and look after the world therefore a good God did create a world without suffering however it is the humans of the world that have designed a world full of pain and suffering. It is known that the Devil is the creator of evil therefore it may be possible to believe that it isn’t Gods decision but the devil has created the suffering in the world.

Other people believe that this statement is false. They think that if there is no pain or suffering in our life then we won’t appreciate the good things when they happen. We would be emotionless because we can’t differentiate the good things from the bad things. Also, Christians say that God is omnipotent however if He really is all powerful then why doesn’t he intervene when a natural disaster, for example tsunamis and tornados occur instead of letting them destroy innocent people’s homes and villages. God is omniscient and can see what happens in the world therefore if he was a good God, he should change what is happening yet he doesn’t do anything. This suggests that God wants to create suffering in the world. If there was no suffering in the world, nobody would ever die and the world would become overcrowded and eventually wouldn’t be able to survive.

Some Christians believe that suffering is a test from God. People find it hard to put their faith...
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