A Good Country

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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A Good Country
There are six continents in this world. We can find a lot of countries. Few countries can be defined as good countries. A good country is a country that is civilized, and looks for a better future; a place where people can live with few simple difficulties.

First of all, we can define a good country by its good relations with its neighbor countries. There are many good countries which are civilized, mostly in Europe, North America and Australia. A civilized country is the one that is actually following the recent science research and it is already up to date with “everything”. “Everything” can include medical science, economy, and industrial progress. A good country looks for a better future. It possesses scientists and researchers that can predict that future of the country’s behavior and progress. A researcher looks for the new made materials and sees the consequences in the future. If these materials get a bad result, then the industry must study it again. A good country is a place where people can live with few simple difficulties. These people will not have to suffer from the quality of the roads. They can spend hours driving without feeling any pain from the road. They can also live in their houses peacefully and safely. Thus, a good country possesses good relations and future perspectives for their citizens.

Secondly, we can also find many bad countries around. A bad country is the country that does not care about its people who live in it. These bad countries only care for their own benefits. And I am talking here about the people who are in charge. These people always care for their own interests. A bad country is a place where people cannot live peacefully. It is either because of wars or because of problems between the government and citizens. Thus, a bad country only cares for its benefits.

Thirdly, a bad country or a good country affects the society and the community. It is always better to live in a good country. We can live in...
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