A Good Communicator

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  • Published : January 11, 2011
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Fatima El Mansouri

Professor Raquel Zaldivar

ENC1101 – 606719

January 7th 2011

The importance of being a good communicator

What differentiates the human kind from animals is

language. However, while all human beings are gifted with the

ability to use words, not everyone is able to communicate


Firstly, we will discuss the creativity used by people to

develop this art as well as the method used to convey an


Speaking, for instance, most common form of communication,

not only involves body language but also the tone of voice

adopted by a communicator. It is a powerful tool that can have

great impact, if well used on any kind of interlocutor.

However, listening, makes others feel validated and heard and

it is an even greater tool for better communication.

Furthermore, writings by great poets, novelists,

journalists… are also artistic forms of communication that aim

the sensitive side of each person to appreciate them and

actually believe the ideas and ideologies invoked.

In addition, in these modern times, the bridge between people

and what goes on in the world is the mainstream media that

has reached the “summum” of communication. In fact, it is such

a good information conveyer, that it can make people believe

the most outrageous information, and encourage either hatred

or admiration towards almost anything the mind can imagine.

Secondly, we will discuss the importance of this


In relationships, the lack of communication causes most

problems. The healthiest relationships are the ones where the

individuals are able to respect each other’s feelings and

learn not to pressure one another.

Moreover, in the business world, communication is an

imperative part of the success of a business. Modern

communication such as e-mailing, texting, faxing, phone calls

… promotes effective team work. Indeed,...
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