A Good Citizen/How to Become a Good Citizen

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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A good citizen is one who has the good of his country at heart. He tries to work for the greatness and glory of his country. He is faithful to his country and is prepared to sacrifice his all for the honour of the land. A good citizen is not a mere law abiding citizen. He respects the traditions of his country not blindly but rationally. A good citizen has a scientific temper. He tries to remove the social evils which are the bane of the society. He has deep respect for the past but he sifts good from evil. A good citizen must live in peace with his fellow citizens and help the state against all criminals and law breakers. He is not blindly conservative and he is progressive in his outlook. A good citizen keeps close to the high ideals and works for the betterment of his country. He works for the unity of the country and does not do anything which might harm the solidarity of the country. He knows that if his countrymen are not united, the nation shall face danger from other countries hostile to us. A good citizen is kind and sympathetic towards everyone. He respects the rights and privileges of others. He known well that whatever he does will have an impact on others and therefore he is cautious. He does not do anything which might have bad effect on others. He is honest and diligent and works for the good of his fellow citizens.
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