A Good Anme Is Better Than Riches

Topics: God, Honour, Reputation Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: May 31, 2013
“A good name is better than riches”
Today there isn’t practically any person who argues about what more valuable material is or however spiritual demands and whether wealth can frequently take the place of everything? Probably solution of this issue also depends on people’s age: a modern youth long for riches and immediate satisfaction of their wishes, as for older generation, they commence to rate spirit and everything that relates it. Reputation is such thing that sometimes in difficult situation it is more valuable than money and any cause to reputation whether it is good or bad can change person’s destiny. It seems that almost every person cares about his stainless and honest name. It even seems that some of them can give everything for keeping reputation clean. Because you know that a name is like a synonym of honor, your sacred object. It doesn’t allow people to obey foes and compel follow your deeds and not to dishonor your ancestors. It befalls sometimes that influential people that are light-fingered, endeavor to pay off in order to stay unsullied though a stain all the same will remain on their conscience. The stain can be concealed from other people’s eyes, but these people will perpetrate for their actions in front of the God. So, people must carry their names with dignity as their forefathers entrusted them. If almost every person does good and he is pure and frank before people around him, then the world will become slightly happier. A teacher has to treat students: as children or adults?
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