A Global Language

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  • Published : September 22, 2012
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A Global Language

By Sarah Alsaid -

As the boisterous sounds of different languages filled the air, the vast amount of people in the airport continued shouting on top of each other. Currently, there are over a hundred of different languages in the world. Language has become our key to communication. It has opened up our doors to understanding one another and expressing our thoughts and emotions. Also, it has grown to be such a great part of us and surely, if we adopt one global language that would change it all. Lacking such an extravagant part in our culture, causing a decrease in diversity and not knowing which language to choose are disadvantages of rendering one worldly language for communication.

Initially, language plays such an exorbitant role in our culture. It makes us who we are and allows our culture be so unique. Centuries ago, rather than being invented by a human being, language emerged in so many parts of the world. It is used to communicate more rapidly and more efficiently with others. And now, hundreds of years later, it is our language that brings us back to our ancestors. Language has shaped who we are, our culture, our heritage, our identity. Why should the world have one language when it could have many? Thus, conceiving a global language will cause a vital part of our culture to be missing.

Additionally, language makes us miscellaneous. With approximately 6.9 billion people in the world it is our language that makes us diverse. It allows us to know we are different from other people around the globe. But by erecting one international language what difference would it make us. Going to China wouldn't be as different as going to Brazil. What difference would the physical features be if the people would all be the same? One can't possibly be a tourist if they are comfortable with their surroundings. When going to a different country it's the new things that make it worth it. Seeing...
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