A) Give Details About the Micro-Environmental and Macro-Environmental Factors That Have the Biggest Impact on the Mercedes-Benz Brands Existing Product Lines/Items in the Uae

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What are the key elements of JetBlue’s culture?
JetBlue's culture is to differentiate itself through a customer-and employee-centric culture. Leadership would not tolerate any declines in employee or customer perceptions of the airline as a good place to work or a good flying experience. The changes started with a plan for improving employee engagement results as the thinking was, if the company improved those metrics, customers would receive great experiences (Spillover Effect). Through five levels:

* Interested to explore opportunities that raise awareness. * Invested to fix problems that get buy –in.
* Committed to redesign processes that will solidify beliefs. * Engaged to empower employees that will align all H.R. system. * Embedded to sustain customer centric.

What role does the leader play in the development and maintenance of the culture? * Engagement is highly correlated with the likelihood that an employee would recommend JetBlue as a good place to work. * JetBlue's revenues are closely tied to engagement so small improvements in key driver metrics generate big results. * Key drivers of crewmember engagement are pride/personal commitment, brand, crew leaders, executive leadership, team/people and work environment. * These six dimensions of engagement are now mapped to revenue growth and shareholder value. * Listening to employees in terms of what they like about JetBlue and their jobs has resulted in many cost-saving ideas and efficiencies. * Data gathering is only part of the story. Real insight comes from taking the right qualitative and quantitative approach, including linking behaviours and outcomes to hard results like shareholder value and growth targets. * Designing an engaged company through a systematic approach to questioning the status quo, learning and adapting in order to execute a successful strategy.
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