A Gist of John Marsden's Tomorrow, When the War Began

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Tomorrow When the War Began is a best-selling novel by John Marsden. The novel is written in the perspective of a teenage girl named Ellie. Throughout this novel, some of the main themes are mentioned many times and these themes include; friendship, determination, and family. John Marsden has shown these themes well through the main characters that experience many life changing experiences. “They’ve got nothing – except friendship.” One thing that is certain is that friendship is one of the main themes in Tomorrow When the War Began. An example of this is when Robyn willingly throws herself into danger to save Lee and carry him to safety. She showed that her friends were more important than her own life and even though she was scared, she was willing to face her fears to rescue Lee. Another display of friendship is when Homer, Ellie and Robyn decide to rescue Lee from his restaurant despite the danger of the soldiers. This is a huge show of friendship as they could be trusted to rescue their friend from danger despite the fact that it would put them in danger. Marsden has portrayed this major theme of friendship that appears to be so strong, it is almost as if they are family. The theme of family is repeatedly shown throughout Tomorrow When the War Began and is demonstrated by the teenagers with their families and the family that they become. In the novel, the teenagers all agree that they were going crazy because they did not know what was happening to their families at the Showground so they willingly send Kevin and Corrie to find some information. When the friends find out about how their families are doing well, they all relax and agree that now they could continue with their tasks because the shroud of anxiety had been lifted and they no longer had to worry about their families. Another example of family is displayed by the eight friends who had formed their own little family. When Corrie is shot, Robyn begins to sob and Ellie is shocked because a member of...
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