A Girl Like Me essay

Topics: Emotion, Love, Pretty Little Liars Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: April 30, 2013
English 1020.11N
17 September 2012
A Girl Like Me
While reading a book by the name, “Pretty Little Liars,” I found myself favoring a tall, slender, dark haired character by the name of Aria Montgomery. This character immediately jumped out at me when I started to notice that she had many of the same qualities as and also had been through many of the same experiences as I have. So when asked to right this paper is was not a brainier. It made me realize the reason I was drawn to her was because I could relate not only emotionally but also physically with her. Both Aria and I are very emotional, have a history of dating older guys, and feel as though we don't fit in with our group of friends.

Just returning to the city of Rosewood from Iceland, Aria is in her 11th grade year of high school. Aria is the oldest of her younger brother and half-sister. Her parents are divorce and her father has remarried, but she stills has a good relationship with both of them. She’s very independent, and doesn’t let anyone come too far in. Her personality is sweet and friendly but she can also be kind of mea. There are four main characters in the book and Aria is one. They all have just lost a best friend and still believes she’s alive because they are receiving texts from an unknown number, who signatures the messages with “A.” The main thing about this mystery is that this “A” person knows all of the secrets no one knew but the desist Alison. She is also in a relationship with a man name Ezra Fitz, who she later discovers is her English teacher. In the beginning of the book when she’s being descried it stated that she does not think she fits in. I can also say that I don’t think I fit in with others. In high school as a cheerleader, I wasn’t like all the others. Everyone else wrote make-up and long ponytails, and I was more in the natural state of being. When riding on the bus to games I would listen to my music or sit in think, but everyone else was talking....
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