A Ghost Story

Topics: Crying, Sadness, Fayray Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: October 18, 2010

This is a real story that happened to me personally a few years ago. It was Saturday, a very sad day, as it was the day of one of my friends funeral ceremony. All day long from morning till evening, I and Sonam, who were his best friends, worked in his house, helping his parent to finish his ceremony. We returned to my home very sadly in the evening.

It was cold and the rain drizzled, the wind blew gently outside the house, at the time when we reached home. We took our couch near fire-hearth and began to recall the departed days with our late friend. Our hearts filled with sad memories of the past and to avoid sad events of the bygone days, Sonam made two cups of wonderful coffee to sip while we recall the memories in silence.
I heard a slow faint knock on the door and then it faded away. I told Sonam and he made fun of my bravery. I thought it was the wind and paid no heed to it. But again the hard blow came on the door and the door was pushed wide open. The cold and the chilly wind channeled into the room and nearly blew out the lamp. We looked towards the door but couldn’t see anyone. ‘Please come in’, I ordered, but no voice was heard. I stood up and had hardly turned to close the door, when the door closed itself and a figure appeared and began to move towards Sonam. I was puzzled to see that figure. “Who are you?” I asked him, but he just came nearer to me and when he neared me, I realized fully that he was my late friend. He stood facing us and hardly stared at me. “Please sit down on that sofa”. I pointed out a sofa to him.

But he just stood motionless. I again told him to take a seat and he reluctantly took the seat this time. We saw on his face tears trickling down the cheeks, “What do you want, friend?” Sonam inquired. He remained silent for few seconds and then said “Since my death, I find no friends to talk with me, no place to stay, no food to eat. When I try to go home, and stay with my parent, they do not care for...
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