A Generous Country

Topics: Charitable organization, United States, Charitable trust Pages: 4 (1339 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Few know that the country most hated, main supplier of arms, and protagonist of innumerable wars constitutes also the most caring and compassionate world. United States boasts the largest number of charitable institutions and with the greatest amount of rich and poor citizens who contribute the largest number of donations in the world. Generosity does not form part of U.S. law, but it forms an inherent part of the culture of this country. Americans evidence their generous through companies, foundations or organizations, and individuals. Many large and small companies in the United States that share a common interest or a desire to deal with a particular social issue typically work together on specific charitable works or a variety of charitable causes. For example, Microsoft donates millions of dollars in various charities around the world each year. Much of its donations are aimed at human services and the advancement of science and technology. It gives millions of dollars on computer programs to charity and supports million of charities in the world through private donations made ​​by employees of the company (Brooks). This corporation began its giving programs in 1983 with about 200 Microsoft employees. Today its employees contribute more than $ 6.5 billion in cash, services and software to nonprofits around the world (Bennett). Moreover, Wal-Mart, the largest supermarket, donates millions of dollars to various charitable causes. This company supports multiple community programs related to hunger, homelessness, education, job training and other basic needs besides grating millions of volunteer hours by its employees for philanthropic activities. In its last fiscal year, Wal-Mart donated $ 378 million for associations in the U.S. and 45.5 million worldwide; in addition to the donations made ​​by their employees and customers which reached the amount of 106 million of dollars ("Wal-Mart”). Macdonald fast food restaurants do not remains indifferent to charity in...
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