A Gap of Sky: Summary

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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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A Gap of Sky
Sometimes you forget what the essence of life is and what’s important to you. When you forget these things you easily get on the wrong track: you forget the persons that are close to you and you become oblivious to life and its goods. In the short story, A Gap of Sky, we are introduced to the protagonist of the story, the nineteen- year-old Ellie, who after a rough night with booze and drugs wakes up at 4.30 pm in her messy flat in London, to the tough realities of Monday. She remembers feeling happy earlier that morning, probably because of her affection by drugs and alcohol. As it strikes her that it is Monday and she has to hand in a paper on Virginia Woolf, she rushes out the door to by ink, cigarettes and maybe some more coke. Ellie seems worn out and alone to cope with her problems and you might get the impression of a wild teenager who lives life in the fast lane and is being careless towards her school and homework; a girl that doesn’t fit into her parent’s picture of a responsible student. She tells that she’s already had her extension from University, and is therefore forced to do the next assignment on Virginia Woolf otherwise she’ll have to repeat the year or be kicked off the course. But the many interesting things to see and do in London, temps her curiosity and distracts her; for instance when she sees and touches a black leather glove on a spike and the middle finger is pointing right up into the sky and the rest hanging down. Suddenly a whole new side of Ellie is being introduced she gets a taste of what life can be like. “Ellie giggles. She touches the middle finger. A volt of naughtiness passes through her. Life seems suddenly filled with possibilities..”(p. 2 l. 63). As she touches the leather glove she regains faith in life; she feels that life and all its possibilities is ahead of her; she’s nineteen and in London - what more to wish for. So she decides to continue her search for ink, but is once again distracted and ends up...
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