A Gap of Sky: in Life You Have to Overcome Many Obstacles

Topics: Short story, Essay, Walking Pages: 3 (1277 words) Published: February 14, 2011
A Gap of Sky
In life you have to overcome many obstacles. These obstacles often take place in ones youth where you experience a transition from childhood to adulthood and where you begin finding your place in society. This transition is often difficult as it is often hard to choose the right path to follow. More and more young people get caught up in drugs and peer pressure that keeps them from choosing the path that fits them the best. In Anna Hope’s short story “A Gap of Sky” from 2008 we meet the nineteen-year-old Ellie who is experiencing the transition to adulthood. The short story is written with a third person narration but it is written in a way that makes the text seem as Ellie’s thoughts. The language is therefore that of a nineteen-year-old girl. It is written as a stream of consciousness, which can be seen through the whole text but is especially clear at the beginning of the story where Ellie is in distress, “Coffee. Swill out cafetiére, fill it. Computer. Is. On. Fags… Student shop. She could always score some more, too; see if Jez is about. Good plan. Good, this was good, fine.” (L. 33) The language makes the reader feel Ellie’s stream of thoughts as if they were in fact inside her head. Ellie is a college student in London and seems to be living at a college, as she has to walk down a hall to use the bathroom. When Ellie wakes up Monday afternoon she finds that she cannot remember much of the night before; “She sits on the bed, brings her legs up under her chin, rummages for what ever she can remember from the night before.” (L. 16) She is confused and can’t remember if she did drugs. What she can remember is that she went home at about eight in the morning. The fact that she partied all night and that she does drugs give us a hint that Ellie has let drugs and alcohol interfere with her education. Ellie discovers that she has an important essay about Virginia Woolf due the next day and she feels anxious to hand this essay on time because she...
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