A Gap of Sky by Anna Hope

Topics: Short story, Essay, Writing Pages: 2 (995 words) Published: May 10, 2013
A Gap of Sky by Anna Hope
Being young is often characterized by a feeling of pure invincibility. You feel like you can take on the world, and that you can handle everything. But being young is not always as easy as it sounds, because even though freedom is right beside you, expectations and responsibility is only a few steps behind you; catching up on you and bringing you back to reality. Drugs and freedom are some of the themes in the short story “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope from 2008. Ellie is a nineteen year old teenager who lives in London and studies on a university. She lives in a college, because in the beginning of the story she has to walk down the corridor to the hall toilet. Ellie does not care about her education at all, and it is clear that she blames her parents for going at the university. She is tired of things she has to do. She knows that she has an essay to write that is due to the next day, and she has already extended it quite a few times. We are told that she received a letter from the course she is taking, at the UCL, explaining that she will be expelled from the course, if she does not hand over this essay. With this letter in our minds and other facts, like doing drugs, drinking, going out rather often gives us the impression that she doesn’t care about her education, and that she wants to be more free than she is. Ellie knows that there is more to life than studies and duties, and she prefers drugs, cigarettes and booze, when it comes to living her life to its fullest and to get the feeling of freedom. When she walks down the streets in London in order to get some ink for her printer, she touches a leather glove on the street which has the middle finger pointed upwards, and she is filled with this feeling of naughtiness. When she touches the leather glove she regains faith in life; she feels that life and all its possibilities are ahead of her. Ellie follow two men in to the British Museum, where there is an exhibition of pills or...
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