A Gap of Sky: About the Teenager Ellie

Topics: Short story, Essay, Life Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: October 2, 2011
A Gap of Sky
Anna Hope’s short story A Gap of Sky is about the teenager Ellie, who lives an unhealthy life with drugs and lots of alcohol. At the same time, she is about to complete a course of study, which her parents forced her to do. Ellie is bewildered about her situation. She knows it’s wrong to give up life, but she can’t cope with school and other things that demand her attention. The story begins in medias res as Ellie returned from a wild night out. Later she burrows back into bed. Because of her massive hang-over she oversleep, which is a huge problem because she doesn’t have time for her essay for the next morning. But even more badly, she doesn’t have ink for her printer and the shops in city are already closed. Ellie realizes that she is well-known at school, but not for being a good pupil, therefore she has to go to the city and see if she luckily would be able to buy ink. When she leans against the iron railing at Russell Square, she sees a black leather glove, which middle finger is upright. She sees the glove as a sign. A sign, that tries to show her the meaning of life. She felt absolutely free, but she realizes in that second, that there was to life than just crazy nights out and getting drunk. Suddenly she fears the death. And maybe that was a good thing? ’’Ellie’s not sure she’s ready to cope with death.’’ The story is written by a 1st person narrator, who builds suspense and lead us to a climax because of the narrator’s way of telling the story. Ellie (1st person narrator) is confused about life and constantly through the story you hear about her inner feelings and thoughts. The predominant element in the story is the setting. It is deeply described, particularly when Ellie is in city after ink. The river, strand and streets are described as something really beautiful, which gives the story a new, and more sensitive, touch in contrast to the beginning of the story, where Ellie is intoxicated and remote. Ellie is the main character and...
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