A Gap of Sky

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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A gap of sky
Being a teenager is not always easy. As a teenager you have to figure out where you belong and who you really are. While growing up, you have to prepare yourself for standing on your own feet, and there are many tough decisions to be made. The process from child to adult is hard for every teenager, and it is not everyone who can see his way out of it. This can be one of the reasons why many teenagers seek comfort in drugs and alcohol. Ellie is a young girl, studying at the University College London, and small-time drug-abuser. She marks a great example of how complicated your life can be as a teenager growing up. We see several conflicting issues dealing with her teenager-life that give us a view into the many complex, personal problems. When growing up and becoming an adult, it is very normal as a teenager that you protest against your parents’ actions. There is always some kind of break in the teenager’s adolescence that at first separate teenager and parents from each other. It is in this break, the young teenager feels the need to mark independence. This can cause many personal problems. As for Ellie, we see some wild mood swings. She goes from being happy at one moment, to be very angry and negative at the next. For example “Life seems, suddenly, filled with possibility, with giddy possibility, with irreverence, with delight, for what, really, was there to be reverent to?” to “Ellie doesn’t want to go to a shop now, couldn’t go into a shop now, doesn’t want any bloody ink, can’t write an essay, no matter what, no matter what it matters, doesn’t want any more coke, ever again”. We also see the apparent teenager - parents conflict, when Ellie blames her parents’ for her studying at the university. She says so in a prosecuting way, meaning that she sees her study as a negative thing. “To Mum? To Dad? Not them especially not them. It was their fault she was doing this bloody course in the first place”, though she is not completely indifferent. She...
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