A Gap of Sky

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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A Gap of Sky

”A Gap of Sky” is a short story by Anna Hope. In this short story we follow the young girl, Ellie, who studies at UCL. Instead of doing homework and study, she likes to party and do drugs. She has been sent to London by her parents to study, but she is not taking it as serious as her parents are expecting of her to do. She lives alone and is therefore supposed to be self-dependent which we clearly see she is not. She cannot control her use of drugs, she has not got any self-discipline to finish her course and her parents can’t watch her doing these things. The story is told by a third-person. Ellie is confused about life and constantly through the story you hear about her inner feelings and thoughts. The main character’s personality influences the language. She swears a lot and constantly says “fuck” and “shit”. The swearwords and teenage language is to make clear that Ellie is a teenager and an individual. She is having difficulties to formulate her sentences. I get the impression that Ellie is a confused person and is having difficulty to maintain focus. She gets distracted by everything around her and forgets about her actual purpose. She isn't thinking about the future, she cannot deal with the fact that she doesn't have any future. Instead she is living in the moment; she is only focusing on the small things she has to do.

The story is basically about Ellie’s paper due for the next day, and she hasn’t even started. She wakes up late, realizing that she has to hand in her assignment tomorrow. Ellie has been lazy in school, and risks getting kicked out if she doesn’t hand in her assignments. Ellie was told: “If this lack of application continues we will have no choice but to reconsider your place on the course” Ellie is out of printer ink, so she tries to go to the student shop. The shop is closed though, so she decides to walk in to the streets of London in search of the printer ink.

On the way through London, she sees several signs...
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