A Future Model of the 21st Classroom

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A Future Model of the 21st Classroom

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April 14, 2012

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A Future Model of the 21st Classroom

The classroom has change dramatically in the past 20 year. Changing technologies is perhaps the largest

component that drives those same classrooms today. It is critical that districts understand that the modern classroom

needs to be as technologically advanced in order to instruct students at the highest levels. Our changing

technological landscape, combined with the wealth of data-driven instruction will reflect more advanced and highly

trained students for the future.

We must realize that our students simply 5 years ago did not have the technological edge that is within their

grasp today. Within the past 10 years, technology in the classroom was realized as a major part of this student

advancement, thereby sending districts into a tailspin searching for methods of acquiring expensive hardware and

software. “It was realized that computer competency was becoming a necessary component in the modern workforce

and classroom as a necessary competency (Watson, 2007).” With this issue being addressed, it is assured that

student competencies are to be addressed within the confines of the average classroom simply with the acquirement

of skills necessary to be successful. The idea as a whole is to understand what hardware and software is necessary

for the student and teacher to achieve success.

Connectivity must reach multiple levels not only on the campus, but at the district level as well. The Alvin

ISD technology plan incorporates every core classroom to be wired for the latest up-to-date Wi-Fi networking. Each

classroom has many technologies available including an ELMO document camera, LCD projector which is

integrated with a Promethean Smart-board. In the next 5 years, it is expected that all classrooms including specials

and elective classrooms have the exact technologies integrated as well. This is a meaningful transition. Primarily, the

goal is to give our students the resources necessary for authentic collaboration and research as well as for social

interactions via the Internet. “ Collaboration in an in-class setting presents teachers with the challenge of capturing

and managing ideas that often come and go in student discussions at a fast pace (Johnson, 2010).” According to the

AISD Technology Handbook, students should have access to all areas of the internet including Blogs, Wikis,

Moodle and Blackboard so that social interaction can take place within the confines of a controlled environment.

It is expected that our district communication abilities are created with the “future” student in mind where the

student and teachers have different and unique ways to communicate. “Online communication may be used either

from a computer on an Internet-enabled mobile phone, and some can be use from almost any mobile phone

(Johnson, 2010).
Our district in 2012-2013 will implement the “Bring your own device” program where students are going to

be allowed to use their own smartphone or tablet or any other Internet capable device for research. Although it is

still in its infancy, the program is a method of saving district dollars and by the same token, allows the student to use

their own technology which they are extremely comfortable in using. The students will have access to the district’s

Internet framework. This ability to use their own device creates a positive classroom environment which adds depth

and leads students into deeper learning during research.

Another area that will be incorporated within the near future will be then integration of Game-Based-

Learning. This will have a profound effect on students as they learn through games via the internet and compete

against other schools on...
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