A Fruitfull Tomorrow for the English Century Learners

Topics: Gesture, English language, Hand Pages: 4 (639 words) Published: February 26, 2013
A Fruitful Tomorrow/ for the 21'st Century/ English Learners by: Dr. Araceli P. Villacarlos

English/ the language of the universe!
This Lingua Franca will make history on all affairs
Because it is everything in every breath we take
As a vehicle of communication it can make or break!

The world is in the stage/ of various transitions
Economically/ politically/ rapidly/ it changes options.
The emerging global economy/ is both independent /and competitive It reflects the global economy/ which is technologically active.

The internet/ global satellite/ multimedia/ FAX/ text message/ and email: These are high-tech realities/ that render books in libraries/ obsolete and stale. Man's ability to read/ refer to texts and prints/ have eroded. (steady) (head down, cross hands)

Replaced by computer keys/ to access/ to chat/ or to surf/ as needed. (steady) (nod up & down)

English continues to be the world's standard language to stay. (steady)
There is no major threat/ to its global popularity.
But changes are coming/ the manufactured products/ have foreign components. (hand gestures palms open near the face)(steady)
Ford cars and IBM computer are examples for global trends.

Most of all imports and exports/ are labeled as foreign trades. (take) (give)(steady)
But /why should we discuss economics/ with English shades?
(steady) (open hands left>right>down)
Because English communication/ is closely associated
(answer: raise right hand)(hold both hands together)
With economic modernization/ and industrial need.
(open arms waist level) (raise 1 fist)

Information sent and received/ at an increasing speed!
(raise fist up & down waist level 2x)
Competitive demands of government/ and private corporations indeed! (nod up & down)
For technical progress requires/ understanding/ a good deed! (nod up & down)
On Language of technology/ English must be spread!
(spread hands)
Worldwide/ English Rules!/...
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