A Fortune by Joy Monica

Topics: Meaning of life, Santa Claus, Family Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: October 22, 2012
A Fortune by Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi
Maybe you are a thief and living by stealing wallets, emptying them from money and put them back. Or perhaps you are a rich man with a son; you maybe love but never show. And maybe you are the son of a man, who never noticed or loves you. Love and money are big things in life, and they are very important in everyday life. In the short story “A fortune” by Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi from 2000, is the relationship between a teenager and his dad illustrated. The short story ‘’A fortune’’ is about a young man who is a pickpocket. He crooked teeth, oily hair and bony knees. When he was only five years old, he started to steal. There is maybe a good reason why he had become a pickpocket. It all started in his childhood, with his mother, father and his uncle. It was his father who taught him to steal; he said that it was easy for a little boy to pickpocket, because when you are little, you are not always noticed. The father was also that ma would find out, because the narrator used to save the wallets, and once a month his father found them and yelled at him. ‘’Hey, stupid, how many times I gotta tell you not to keep the wallets? Whatca gonna tell your ma if she finds them? That you old man’s got you stealing from him?’’. His mother was an ugly lady with a curly black wig and cried all the time. But some credit he had to give her, because she tried to raise him well. She was always worried that he would end up like his “Stinking, rotting, lout-of-a-father”. His uncle was drunk all the time, and the only job he ever had, was to dress up as Santa Claus on every Christmas Eve. He always hid a bottle of Whisky in a pillow under his Santa Claus jacket. Sometimes he pulled the white bead to the side and asked for a stiff drink. The narrator is in many ways a bad person. Because steeling and actually taking a total stranger with him home, is illegal. But when he steels, he doesn’t see that it is wrong and forbidden. He grew up with it. But...
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