A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey

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  • Published : March 11, 2005
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Essay – A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey

"Bert Facey is the epitome of the legendary Australian". Demonstrate this from a study of his autobiography.

Albert Facey's novel, A Fortunate Life depicts the life of an extraordinary man living in old Australia. Facey portrays many characteristics that would label him as being a ‘true Aussie battler', but it is the deeper and more sensitive side of him that allows him to be labeled with the term – a legendary Australian.

A legend by dictionary terms is someone who is admired by others and achieved great accomplishments. Facey has certainly both achieved and accomplished much during his life, such as learning to read at a late age. Facey's life was full of private success and were it not for his book; he would have remained an unsung hero throughout Australian history.

Facey's lack of education haunted him throughout his early life. As Facey ‘hadn't any schooling' he found it difficult to read and write. Facey had always viewed his illiteracy as a personal shortcoming and took pains to not display his ignorance to the world. ‘Then a waitress came with a list of what we could have to eat. I was stumped – I couldn't read or write. Then I had a brainwave and decided to have what Mr. Lander ordered.'

Facey was not comfortable with his feelings of inadequacy, and took many painful steps to try and rectify the situation. He eventually, through much practice and determination, learnt to read and write, and was able to pen his novel. The fact that Facey both acknowledged and overcame his illiteracy, shows him to be a man of great spirit and willpower as facing up to personal faults is never an easy thing to do.

Life as an itinerant rural worker was very tough for Facey and not very rewarding. Throughout his early life, Facey was forced to work for extremely poor money and working conditions. Although life was hard, Facey was not one to complain or make trouble. He worked hard for the Bibby's and previous...
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