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Topics: Child abuse, Psychological abuse, Family Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Antowne Fisher
The film, “Antowne Fisher” is inspired by a true story. Antwone is a volatile sailor in the Navy that’s continuously getting into fights for his trouble. He is sent to counseling because of his anger-management problem. The Navy chose him to see a psychiatrist named Dr. Jerome Davenport. After seeing him, Fisher began to reveal his emotional problems behind his rage. Throughout the process, Antwone Fisher was able to confront secrets from his past. Dr. Davenport was able to help discover the roots of Fishers anger but most important the broken family that left him behind. Antwone Fisher is experiencing healing and there are few factors. For instance, his father was murdered before he was born; his mother gave birth to him while she was in prison and never claimed him. Since his mother did not claim him, he lived in an orphanage for two years. Eventually, Fisher was adopted by a cruel family. Mrs. Tate, the foster woman, referred to all her foster children as “nigger” and beat the children regularly. The baby sitter, who is the friend of the family, had abused him as a child. When finally standing up for himself, he was thrown out of the house. This caused him to be homeless and live on the street. Later on, he joined the Navy after living off the street.

During the film, it displays as well with theories to help us understand child abuse. Child abuse is to use wrongly or improperly to one’s authority. Fisher’s foster family experiences were tragically marked by emotional abuse, molestation and abandonment. Fisher’s molestation is from the repeated rape by his female babysitter. This incident leads him to emotional trauma that hunts him throughout most of his young adult life. He blames himself for everything that took place. Fisher mentions the molestation as fear that kept him quiet for all those years instead of shame. Furthermore, the murder of his father and the disowning from his mother caused Fisher to feel abandoned. In addition,...
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