A Few Good Men Essay.

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Mitchell Hobot
3rd hour
A few good men

A dispute between A Few Good Men can lead a simple murder case to spiral out of control, is it just a simple murder or perhaps ethical conduct.  Portraying  Aristotle’s six elements A Few Good Men is a nail biting, suspenseful, sociological thriller which entails a plot summary of a sophisticated case covered by a series of lies sets up to blame two marines whose lives are at the expense of a rookie lawyer. Director Rob Reiner did a phenomenal job showcasing Aristotle’s six elements of drama, in this film Reiner imputes: Plot, Theme, Character, Spectacle, Language, and Rhythm. Reiner uses spectacle( the visual element of the production of the play) throughout the movie displaying a military setting for all of the characters displaying their rank and division. Character is used in this film through excellent actors living there characters and adding a certain chemistry to the movie which sets it off in a riveting tone to unfold the current events. Diction is shown throughout the play to add details to unfold the plot summary and theme. The plot is basically the moral story of unfolded events which combined with the other four: Spectacle, Diction, Character, & Theme create a profound movie/play. Rhythm does not have a huge influence on this movie but a large enough difference to psychologically thrill your mind to feel the emotion of the play/movie.

This extravagantly directed film by Rob Reiner entails a peculiar plot in which two honorable men seek acknowledgement from the U.S. government, but merging in two separate directions. A murder case involving the victim a PFC William Santiago(Michael DeLorenzo) stationed on the United States Naval base, Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Two of his platoon members, Lance Corporal Harold Dawson(Wolfgang Bodison) and PFC Louden Downey(James Marshall) entered his room and assaulted him by duck taping his hands together, sticking a rag down his mouth and duck taping his mouth. A...
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