A Feature of British Culture: the Modern Royal Family and Its Impacts

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Hoang thu ha

A feature of British culture: the modern royal family and its impacts




Hanoi, March 2012


I hereby state that I : Hoang Thu Ha from A3/K35, being a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Arts accept the requirements of the College relating to the retention and use of Bachelor’s Graduation Paper deposited in the library.

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Hoàng Thu Hà

Date: May 2012


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Hoàng Thu Hà

Date: May 2012


This graduation paper would not have been possible without the guidance and the help of many people who in one way or another contributed and extended their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this study.

In the first place I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang for her supervision, invaluable advice, kind guidance, suggestions and comments on my paper from the very early stage of this paper as well as her giving me extraordinary experiences throughout the work. Above all and the most needed, she has provided me with constant encouragement and support in various ways. Any words would fail me to fully express my thanks to her.

Last but not least, I am indebted to my family and my friends whose unending support and encouragement have brought my graduation paper to completion.


The Royal family is a special feature of British culture and a symbol of the country. Over the past centuries, many scholars have conducted research into this topic and almost every aspect of the royal family has been covered. However, a majority of English learners have not developed an adequate knowledge for this part of British culture. Hence, the main objective of the study is to compose a useful reference source for readers, especially for those who study or are interested in British culture. The study will explain how the royal is considered a feature of British culture, why it has created such a great influence in the British society. Therefore, two main points are taken into consideration: first, the roles of the Queen and other members in the royal family in the UK; second, the impacts of the royal family in UK’s life and society.

The study is based on the synthesis and analysis of documents and materials related to the topic. The data collected are then used to form and develop main theses. After implementing the process, major findings include: The British monarchy is well-known and influential in the world and in the UK society because they are one of the oldest royal families in the world with thousand years of history. The British empire legacy together with its power in the modern world creates a far wider cultural effect. In addition, through different phases of time, the Royal family has proved its relevance and flexibility by changing to fit in with the modern society.

1.1.Rationale of topic selection.1
1.2.Aims of the study.2
1.3.Research questions.2
1.4.Significance of the study.2
1.5.Scope of the study.3
1.6.Methodology and Data Collection.3
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