A Fatherless Society

Topics: African American, Family, Father Pages: 9 (3401 words) Published: March 29, 2013
A Fatherless Society in America
Pope John XXIII states, "It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father" (Quotes and sayings). Commonly, this is true for many African-American men who have children; they lack the resources, dexterity and education that is required to become a real, reliable father. Although fatherlessness affects everyone regardless of demographics or culture, it has really taken its toll in the African–American communities. Despite the fact that it may be facile for Americans to sweep the issue under a rug, the reality is the intricacy still exists and is spiraling out of control. Sequentially, the challenges that accompany fatherlessness in American society must be addressed or disturbances will continue to affect all Americans. Furthermore, several organizations foresee the turmoil that lies ahead and have intervened to reverse the situation such as the changing fatherhood movement. The changing fatherhood movement correlates with Jo Freeman’s proposition theory because it contains the three core fundamental elements: preexisting communications, co-optable communications and precipitants, which are required for a social movement to evolve. However, recent trends in family-formation have taken a trajectory that clearly affects the community or any intact social group. Changing Fatherhood is an ongoing social movement that has yet to be successful. In order for the continuation and progression of the movement, the Resource Mobilization Theory must be applied and sustained. Just like the deprivation theory, the emergence of the movement began with a large population of people who felt a sense of injustice and has begun raising awareness using various resources, such as the internet, social networking sites, etc… but the upraise of the movement itself is very recent and is in the bureaucratization stage. Furthermore, the movement would most certainly be classified as a reformative movement, which seeks an immense change in the way African-American fathers interact with their children in American society. Although the issue affects all three classes, the lumpenproletariat class is particularly affected. This is due mainly because they lack the means, skills, and education that is required to progress in America’s ever changing society. Despite the fact that, family and marriage life has been analyzed with the individual participants as the core of reference, a change in family-composition not only affects the immediate family but the community as well. According to the National Center for Fathering, when long-lasting relationships between a man and a woman are unsuccessful within a community that community is exposed to an innumerable amount of (reproductive) health and behaviorally related abnormalities, which occur a generation later (African-American Families). These victims (children) of fatherlessness try to connect with a family, as they been longing to have one. After being rejected, they often turn to drugs, gangs, and criminal activities trying to fill the void of that absent parent. For many years, children have described and felt the burdens of an absent father whether it was through bad grades, discipline problems, etc… Meanwhile, society is just now starting to acknowledge on a widespread basis what children have been trying to interpret to society all along; fatherlessness is one of the greatest injurious forces to children in American society. It is one of the biggest social issues communities in America face. The decline of fatherhood is a huge factor behind the various problems that plague America. It promotes criminal activity and anti-social behavior, juvenile delinquency, out of wedlock births to teenagers, increase in incarceration rates, exponential growth of poverty amongst women and children, and numerous psychological problems. Although rarely discussed, fatherlessness is responsible for a large percentage of drama and trauma within the...
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