A Fatal Accident

Topics: Automobile, Sibling, Driving Pages: 1 (501 words) Published: November 22, 2011
A Fatal Accident
A Fatal accident is something horrible that can happen with somebody and the worst part is when it happens; person sees a glance of death and that time he realizes his mistakes as well. A fatal accident could pace a positive effect on person’s life if he learns a lesson from it. Monday Night, it was a night after my brother’s valima and we all were very happy. We planned to take the newly wedded bride out for dinner. So we all cousins along with my siblings were on our way to a restaurant. I was in a car with my cousin who was driving the car, I was sitting in the front and my two sisters were sitting on the back seat. My cousin who was driving was a new driver actually and he always drives like a lunatic and that is why I was sitting with him so that I would keep on warning him whenever he does something wrong. There were 4 cars including ours. Well here’s the rub, that day my cousin was driving like a normal person but I don’t exactly remember what happened but the car went out of his control and went off road. First, the tires got burst then the car hit a big rock and after that the car drifted to right and flipped over three times. The second time the car rolled over I thought it’s my last moment of life but by the Grace of Allah when the car stopped rolling it stood straight. I and my cousins rushed out of the car drag my sisters out and then went away from the car if in case it explodes. It was so scary that one of my other cousins who were riding in other car behind us saw the whole seen and she got faint. It was so scary that whoever sees the condition of the car gets frightened and none believed that we survived after seeing the condition of the car. Well we all somehow managed and controlled ourselves, sat in other 3 cars and came back home. It was a miracle that no one in the car got a single bruise. After the accident when we came back home and everything seemed okay I sat back and thought that why it happened and I realized that it...
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