A Fatal Accident

Topics: English-language films, Accident, Rock music Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: February 21, 2013
A situation in which someone is hurt or something Is damaged, without anyone intending it to happen is an accident. This story is about a fatal accident I witnessed on my way to school this morning. On this faithful morning as I headed for school there was a traffic jam on the McCarthy Hill road. Certain drivers were forcing ttheir way through to avoid the traffic but others were also waiting patiently for the satnding traffic to begin moving. I was very bored and dizzy in the car, in order to keep me a little alive , I began looking around through the window. A white ovan car was trying ti force his way through to get out of the traffic in order to get to his destination on time. The driver wanted to over-take a green opel saloon car but the driver of the saloon car also wanted to get to his destination on time. He had little childrem seated at the back o the vehicle. I began to laugh, this was entertaining. It was finally time and the cars were beginning to move. The driver of the green car began to move and the driver of the white ovan also began to move. I began to hear some screeching sounds, my heart sank. I turned to the spot in which the sound was louder. I saw a flame of fire, the two cars had crashed. A group of people went to stand around the spot of the incidence. Piece of glass lay everywhere on the floor. The two drivers and their passengers looked injured. The children had lost conciousness. In about some few minutes, we heard the siren of ambulance. The police also came around. From an estimated number twelve people had lost their lives and five were seriously injured. The two cars had become very damaged and could never be re-used. As a result of the accident, the traffic became more intense. The people around began to shake and put their hands on their heads. A big yellow tractor came to pick up the damaged cars and the road was free again. A police began to direct the road and we kept moving even though...
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