A Farewell to Arms

Topics: Love, Experience, Knowledge Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Josh Hanberry
English 255
April 18 2013
Ms. Rebecca Leblanc
Henry’s Journey Through Love and War

Ernest Hemmingway’s, A Farewell To Arms, prominently takes place in the “Alps” located between Italy and present day Slovenia. Located in this setting is the Italian army, who is trying to prevent Austria-Hungary from joining forces with the Germans on the war’s western front. Inside this war effort is revealed the great story and journey of a man named Frederick Henry. Frederick Henry is an American who is a part of the Italian Army. While with the Italian Army, Henry meets and falls in love with a woman named Catherine Barkley, who is a V.A.D in the Italian Army. In A Farewell to Arms, Frederick Henry’s journey through the experiences of love and war reveals to change him from a man of selflessness and immaturity to a man of great wisdom and understanding.

At the beginning of the story, Henry is portrayed as a carefree, immature and shallow man who is spiritually lost. Before Henry’s leave from the war, the priest in their house insisted that Henry travel and visit his hometown of Abruzzi. The priest said, “There is good hunting. You would like the people and though it is cold it is clear and dry. You could stay with my family. My mother is a famous hunter.” Instead, Henry traveled to cities with not much meaning but filled with clubs, bars and whorehouses. After Henry visits these towns, he contemplates his decision to not visit the priest’s hometown Abruzzi. He knows in the future he will regret his decision because the places he visited did not have much meaning but for self pleasure. Abruzzi may have led Henry to discover explanations and enlightenment for his purpose on earth and his connection with people. This shows Henry does not yet have his own self understanding and connection with his purpose to the world around him. Also, after Henry returns from his leave, he meets his future love, Catherine Barkley. The meeting between Henry and Catherine...
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