A Famous Shakespearean Character: Macbeth

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Macbeth is a famous Shakespearean character. His flaw is shown throughout the play. Macbeth starts off as a trustworthy character that saves the king’s life. Macbeth is then labelled as noble Macbeth by Duncan. At the start of the play his is as noble and loyal as he could be. After killing the Thane of Candor, Duncan who trusts Macbeth gives the title to Macbeth. More is the due than more than all can pay. King Duncan gives Macbeth the best present he could have received. Macbeth gives the reader an impression of being a capable and brave warrior for saving the king’s life. Macbeth is loved highly by everyone. Macbeth also brought “golden opinions from all sorts of people”. The witches however show Macbeth prophecies. These prophecies however make Macbeth release an inner ambition. This ambition brings out his flaw. Macbeth learns that he might be able to become king, he urgently writes to his wife. His wife who hears about this news urges him to become king and calling him a ‘coward” if he doesn’t take up the offer. Macbeth ends up getting persuade by his wife and starts a plan. They decide to kill King Duncan so that Macbeth can become king. Once their plan succeeds however Macbeth is so shaken by what he did he can’t even contain himself and stay calm. He brings the two daggers he used back to his wife instead of leaving it on the knights that “killed king Duncan.” Macbeth shall sleep no more. We as the readers feel sympathy for Macbeth at this stage since Macbeth feels remorse and guilty for what he did. However that sympathy does not last very long. Banquo fears that some foul play has been involved with the death of King Duncan. If King Duncan was really killed by the guards, Macbeth should have questioned them instead of killing them. Full of scorpions is in my mind, dear wife! Macbeth has restless guilt over the death of King Duncan however his wife now having a “manly” strong side to her she takes control. Macbeth ends up doing a lot of killing....
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