A Famous Personality Who Has a Great Influence on Me

Topics: Volleyball, Saori Kimura, Japanese volleyball players Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: March 27, 2013
In the world, most of people need to change themselves. It might be they meet somebody who inspires them to do something that never done before and I am one of those people. I love volleyball so much since I watched SAORI KIMUEA on a TV. She is a Japanese volleyball player and very famous because of her beauty, talent, and skills of competition which are reasons for me want to be like her.

The previously, I met her. I disliked exercising very much I had never thought that sports were very exciting. I wasn't interested in any sports. I was very an inert person and didn't prepare to study, do activities with friends, or the challenging things until I had seen the fierce volleyball game that SAORI KIMURA played, I felt enjoyable and wanted to play, the same time I really admired her smile, beauty, and sweet moving which are the important things for me or can say another way that I want to change myself form an inert person into an enthusiastic person.

Initially, I just only watched I didn't know the rules of volleyball and how to play it. I didn't have courage I was afraid of the mistakes, but I want to be the best volleyball player, so I decided to play for my dream. I tried to play, but my first time wasn't easy I began to use my arms to hit the ball, suddenly the ball was backward. In fact, it should be forward, at that time my friends laughed very loud. It was so embarrassing, but I had never surrendered, I tried again I practiced harder and harder. Finally, I can play volleyball better than before, and last year, I became to be a volleyball player of my school team I was very glad.

The volleyball taught me many things such as what is the teamwork? Don't be afraid and technical of doing new things because everything has to practice the same as playing volleyball. For those reasons, I don't have to worry about mistakes when I do the challenging things. I have to thank Miss SAORI KIMURA who is my inspiration she makes me know the endeavor and have more...
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