A Family Gathering

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A Family Dinner

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A Family Dinner
Essay by Rkrosebud, University, Bachelor's, October 2004
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A Family Dinner

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0Like 0Tweet The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a family dinner is unity as family members gather together to share a meal and their day's events. In the spacious kitchen, while Mom prepares dinner, she listens to her children chatting and laughing as they do their homework at the large mahogany table by the picture window that faces the bucolic back yard. They wait anxiously for their father to return home from work so they can eat their mother's savory dinner. This reminds Mom of herself as a blooming child sitting at the kitchen table smelling all her mother's delectable food and anxiously waiting her father's arrival while chatting and laughing with her siblings. The kitchen has the essence of a gourmet restaurant at the height of the dinner hour. Aromas are sprinkling the air and tickling the noses of everyone it touches. It brings a sense of warmth and safety that envelops each child as if it were a blanket on a snowy day. The sound of sizzling meat and steaming bright colored vegetables pulls them in as if they were dogs being called by their master. The tantalizing aroma and sounds entrances the children's father as he greets Mom in the kitchen who is by now dancing to some funny song on the radio. The children are so excited to see him. They begin to bounce up and down like bunny rabbits yelling, "Dad is home! It is time to eat!" Their words ring like a bell in the Mom's memory bank. She remembers reciting the same phrases when her father finally came home. She was so excited not only to eat her mother's delicious meal but to also share with her father her day's events. Finally, the family sits at the table together to enjoy... Read Full Essay Now

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Remembernig english from earlier years of school.... by MrMystery on 07/Oct/2004 www.writework.com/essay /f amily -dinner 2/7


A Family Dinner

The first and last sentences of your first paragraph need to be split into two.

"The children rattle off with such exuberance and enthusiasm all the horrendous and exciting stuff" The words "rattle off" and "stuff" are not appropriate here and ruin the tone. Excuberance and enthusiasm, nice idea but not really too suitable a pair of words.

Being picky, the words "sizzling meat" don't seem too appropriate... but then maybe I just despise them as I am a vegetarian.

Very nice though, it brings some good imagery to the mind good job. 6 out of 6 people found this comment useful. Mistakes by Saiful on 09/Oct/2004 There are some mistakes in your essay otterwise it is quite good. One mistake is 'their hands flying every which way as they speak' also some of your wording isn't good. 3 out of 5 people found this comment useful. Adjective abuse by...
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