A Familiar Place

Topics: Walking, Running, Transport Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: September 4, 2010
I feel most comfortable in a place where a sense of calm envelops me—a place that brings peace in its own unique ways. To escape all my troubles I always go on a walk by myself. Walking to class reminds me of all the times I walked around my neighborhood in my hometown. Outside my dorm I noticed the many sorority posters on all of the girls doors around me. In the elevator I caught a glimpse of a bright green notice about the Tiger Transit service for Clemson students. This was most evident and noticeable because of the bright colors and images attached to the notice. Outside my dorm, hills surround me; I do not know where they begin or where they end.

As I’m finding my way to class I pasted a group of students outside my dorm, waving signs that provide information for the Papa John’s Pizza delivering service. I have several memories of spending time with my friends after football games eating pizza. I will never forget the fluffy, spicy, and delicious sensation I get when eating the first bite of a fresh slice of pizza. Of course I was tremendously persuaded with the pizza signs because of all the memories behind it.

When I opened the door to the hall of my biology class, I noticed all the students waiting outside my classroom. Our teacher obviously was running late. As I sat there and waited, I found myself looking around and that was when I noticed a flyer about all the activities to get involved with at Clemson. During this time of the year these signs are important because it is when students try out and practice for the rest of the year. These signs could be posted more frequent and with larger print to become more noticeable and show the importance of the activities. Because of the small print I realized these signs were more subtle and soft to a normal Clemson student walking to class everyday in a hurry.

Once I am seated in class with all the students around me talking and catching up the overall atmosphere creates an unmatchable...
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