A Fall Walk in the Park

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A Fall Walk in the Park

The park in the fall is what I do when the day of work has beaten me up and spit me out. What I like best about walking in the park in the fall is the changing of the colors. Most days there is a slight breeze and it gently moves the leaves helping them fall to the ground. The leaves are mixture of reds like the sun, royal purples, orange tint and they seem to fade to brown as soon as they touch the dirt. The walkway is covered by the cracked color of the remaining pieces of crispy leaves and gray moss covered rocks. The park is very quiet except for the grey and brown ducks, quacking and fighting for food. I pass the pond covered in algae with colors of green, brown, yellow, black and look like fur growing on it. There is a woman setting on a bench dressed in black pants and an oversized blue sweater watching the ducks fight over the stale bread crumbs; she is throwing into the water. The pond has beautiful fish, the dull grey and the brightly colored varieties they give the pond splashes of grey, orange, silver, red, and yellow color as they swim back and forth. I could spend hours relaxing and watching the fish swim. I can also see a turtle swimming, the shell color matches the green in the algae so perfectly you would have missed him had he not been moving.

On the other side of the pond the playground is empty. The jungle gym seems to be waiting for the next child to climb aboard the battered ladder. The swing is moving in rhythm to the breeze and the squeaky sound is as loud as the ducks. The merry-go-round with patches of rust and some blue clinging to the rims is motionless, it seems forgotten. No laughter from the playing children can be heard today, this is the quiet I seek. The walk offers burst of color and beautiful scenes that make the walk most memorable. As I get to the end, I feel better and my mind is clear, I am ready for what’s next. A walk in the park filled with the colors of autumn can...
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