A Euphemism Study on Language Deviation

Topics: Linguistics, Language, Dialect Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Language is a medium of communication that allows people to share things one to another as well as to express their communicative needs (Wardhaugh, 1997:07). As a social creature, human needs a tool called language to communicate to others. In communication, participants are given chance to share information and belief, exchange ideas and feelings, make plans and solve problems. Every language can create new words to describe new situation and objects. Therefore, it is not surprising that all language can change through time. However they change at different rates, at different times in response to new social, cultural, and environmental situations. The number of terms related to particular topic also may be greater or smaller depending on such social factors. The cultural environment that people grow up in can also have surprising effects on how they interpret the world around them. Language can be used according to the situation and the context where the communication takes place. In formal situation, people must use standard language, written or oral. On the contrary, people use informal language to communicate in an informal situation. It can be said that the use of language as a medium of interaction deals with who speaks, what language, to whom, when and to what end (Fishman in Chaer, 2004:15). Each language contains two systems, a system of sounds and a system of meanings. In relation to human development, however, most human languages in use now, have sounds, meaning and form. Sounds o a language are utterances produces by language speakers, meaning relates to what language expresses about the world we live in or any possible or imaginary world. Meaning in terms of semiotics perspectives usually deals with icon, index and symbol. Icon is a sign in which a perceptible likeness in its form is and what its meaning describes. Index is a sign whose meaning is interpreted from the context in which it is uttered. While...
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