A Essay on School Travel

Topics: High school, Education, Knowledge Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Mr. Nicles
Essay: International Travel in High School

International travel can bring new images and it can be a whole new world. Different parts of the world have different things to offer. They give new opportunities and can expand your inner personality. High school students should take advantage of international travel because they are lucky they get the opportunity to go out with teachers and friends to learn new things. High school students can definitely benefit from international travel because they can experience new things, learn new things without textbooks and essays, and it could be beneficial to the students future and could possibly help them through their career and they will have knowledge about more continents.

Experience and knowledge can take you very far in life. That’s why high school students should take advantage of travel. They can gain new experiences and life lasting memories. Students get the opportunity to go to places around the world and do different things. They can play different sports and experience new languages and climates. They can get some time away from school and can get hands on experience. Some kids parents don’t have time to take their kids to different countries, so if the go with the school they can be supervised by responsible adults. They can see the wonders of the world, the Eiffel Tower, Nile River and many others. Students aren’t aware how they can take advantage of international travel and how they should start opening doors for themselves.

International travel can increase a student’s knowledge and understanding of the world and how developed countries are different developing countries. They can learn new things and a lot of things about the country. They can learn by actually going to foreign countries. They see different cultures around the world and how poverty effects a lot of people around the world. They learn at a early age and experience...
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