A Dying Environment in Feed

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  • Published : June 9, 2010
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English 99
Impromptu Feed

A Dying Environment In Feed
            Our environment today is filled with pollution, warmer climates are increasing and supplies are running short. M.T. Anderson writes Feed in 2002. He tries to predict future events related to our environment in a futuristic sidewinder. Some things he speaks of are people wearing plastic, or the environment covered in black. Anderson speaks of the far future in Feed, but now eight years later many of these events are unfolding.             One of the interesting things Anderson talks about is buildings being covered in all black. "I just remember that everything godly and sparkling, but as we walked down to the luggage, all the air vents were streaked with black."(8). Today we have the oil spill in our ocean that is polluting hundreds of miles of water, sea life, and wildlife. This effect is having the same toll on people as it did in Feed. Anderson is trying to warn his readers of what could happen in the future. What we didn't know is that it would be this close in the future. BP has spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the ocean. It is now spreading around the bottom half of America. This is just the first event Anderson predicted.             In addition to tragedies such as oil spills, many of our natural recourses today are going to waste. Trees are any living thing’s best friend. Without them all species would die. "'There's a forest,' said Violet. 'It’s called Jefferson Park. We're thinking about going either there, or out to beef country.' My dad nodded. 'It'll have to be beef country,' he said. 'The forest’s gone.' 'Yeah. Jefferson Park?' ‘Yeah. That was knocked down to make an air factory'"(125). Anderson also explains that the air is fake and made by machines because the environment can't produce it anymore. Pollution is not the only thing. Radiation is also something to factor. We must act quickly to help improve these conditions.            ...
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