A Dolls House: Huge Social and Economic Changes

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The nineteenth century saw huge social and economic changes. Society shifted from a largely rural agricultural community of 'landed gentry' and land workers, to urban communities based on manufacturing more than ever before. One's place in society was defined by one's ability to make and control money. Those who controlled the money were the bankers and lawyers. Their ability to control money enabled them to control others' lives, including defining morals. The story starts with Nora when she borrows money from Krogstad, though Norsa's husband does not know about this. After a promotion they become wealthy and Nora starts to pay back the money. Krogstad works for Torvold, Nora’s spouse, who decides to fire Krongstad. In response to being fired Krongstad sends a letter saying what Nora has done, Torvold then gets angry, but after receiving a second letter that explains the true situation about how Nora was influenced he is happy once again. However, Nora decides to leave the house.

There are two different kinds of people in this story, the ones who control the money in their lives, like Torvold, Dr.Rank and Cristine. Nora refers to Torvold “ my husband has been made manager of the bank” . This shows that he has an important job and is wealthy especially when she adds “it will be splendid to have heaps of money”, meaning her husband has a lot of money and she uses this to make her friend jealous. Torvold is in control, the boss as well as a wealthy man. Next we come upon Dr Rank whom they call “ a man of means”. Dr Rank is also wealthy and shows that like Torvold he does not have problems with money. Both men are able to control their money, they do not let the money influence their lives them and makes sound decisions. Cristine has freedom because now she has money . “ I had to provide for my two younger brothers.” Since she has money she is now able to help her family and take care of them adequately. In order to solve her problems she got married to a...
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