A Doll House Reflection

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  • Published : November 17, 2011
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|Notes |Commentary | | | | |“Nora, Nora, how like a woman! No, but seriously, Nora, you know|The opening of “A Doll House” begins by discussing some of the | |what I think about that. No debts! Never borrow! Something of |morals and values that Torvald Helmer finds important. From the | |freedom’s lost --- and something of beauty too --- from a home |very beginning it seems as though there is a clear distinction | |that’s founded on borrowing and debt” (901). |between men and women in the social class because of the sexist | | |comment that Helmer issues. The literary device of foreshadowing| | |is in use here because later in the play we discover that Nora | | |indeed borrowed money thus creating a debt for herself and her | | |husband, ultimately going against Torvald’s most important | | |morals. For this reason, it is almost highlighted here that | | |there will be problems for the couple in the future if Torvald is| | |to ever find out about his wife’s borrowing of money. | | | | |“Yes, very --- that is, if you actually hung onto the money I |As the play continues the dialogue between Nora and Torvald seems| |give you, and you actually used it to buy yourself something” |to be very “child-like.” The title of the play becomes more and | |(902). |more evident as the play continues on but even during the | | |beginning stages of immature activity and behavior can be | | |observed. For one thing, Nora hangs on to money as if it were | | |grains of sand just sifting away from her. In her eyes, the | | |world is carefree and easy going as long as she is looking pretty| | |and has a stable source of income, which for her is her husband. | | |Her immaturity as an adult is clearly evident in her demeanor and| | |her actions when talking with her husband especially. On the | | |other hand, Torvald shares as much blame if not more for his | | |undisciplined actions. For example, he hands his wife money on | | |the regular whenever she asks for it and wants her to use it to | | |“pretty” herself up. Similar to a child, there are always bigger| | |and better things in Nora’s eyes so she is constantly begging for| | |money....
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