A Doll's House Henrik Ibsen- Analysis

Topics: Victorian era, Marriage, Wife Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: February 15, 2011
In A Doll’s House Nora masks her real emotions with a smile to please her husband Torvald. However, as the story progresses, the audience begins to see the layers covering Nora’s true feelings start to peel off. Nora is forced by society and her husband Torvald to act in a way that is patronizing to her and women in general. The title reflects the kind of environment her husband Torvald is trying to make her create. Typically doll houses are manipulated by people to be the perfect house. However, the reason everything in a doll house is so perfect is because everything in a doll house is fake. Nora is manipulated by Torvald in order to create what he perceives as the perfect house. In the beginning Nora does a good job of acting in a way suitable for wives to act during the Victorian era. She is very neat, she acts as if she would be helpless without Torvald, and she is confined to the walls of the house. It is a rarity for Nora to venture out of the house and she certainly would not do so without her husband’s approval. This just shows how restricted woman of the Victorian era were, so one could see why it is such a big deal for Nora to leave at the end of the story. The first signs of her little rebellion are the macaroons. The macaroons are an important element in capturing the lack of freedom Nora is allowed, as well as her devious personality. Not only does she go behind Torvald’s back when she eats the macaroons, but she also delights in doing so. She is like a kid who gets told they can’t do something, the first thing they want to do is what they are told they cannot. Furthermore, Nora enjoys flaunting her rebellious actions in front of Dr. Rank. She knows what she is doing and loves every second of it. Not only does Nora like to flaunt her actions to Dr. Rank but she also likes to use him as a way to defy Torvald. Nora tries to be seductive of Dr. Rank whenever he comes by the house to visit his good friend Torvald. She has no...
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