A Doll's House Essay

Topics: Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House, Norway Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Perspective of A Doll’s House

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House uses emotional conversations to depict a family living in false emotional circumstances and having to come to terms with reality. The title A Doll’s House describes the facade of a family living in a nice house. The platitude “All that glitters is not gold” means that not everything that looks good on the outside is not good on the inside, like a doll’s house.

In the first part of the play, Nora’s old friend from school, Mrs. Linde arrives impromptu. Nora is very fast to describe to her what a good life she has; “So you are quite alone. How dreadfully sad that must be. I have three lovely children. You cannot see them just now, for they are out with their nurse” (7). This shows how important it is to Nora to keep up her facade of having a nice home and a good life. It’s also makes a distance between the two women's lives, even if Mrs. Linde tells Nora about her poor family situation, Nora still brags. During the conversation, Nora tells Mrs. Linde about her secret; that she has borrowed money from Krogstad, one of the bankers in town, to help her husband Torvald a long time ago. Torvald does not know anything about the loan and Mrs. Linde is surprised about it and she thinks Nora should tell him about it. Nora answers; “...And besides, how painful and humiliating it would be for Torvald, with his manly independence, to know that he owed me anything! It would upset our mutual relations altogether; our beautiful happy home would no longer be what it is now” (12). This reflects the old sight of male and female position in the home or relation; the man is the one who should be responsible for the income and be independent. The female part is the opposite. The last sentence from Nora, demonstrates once again how important it is for her that her life looks perfect from the viewer’s sight.

Nora is in a very hard situation with Krogstad because of the loan she took a long time ago. Krogstad behaves...
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