A Doll's House

Topics: Novel, Fiction, Stephen King Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Have you ever been in a relationship where only you think everything is going right when your friends tell you that it is not? The more you go further into the relationship the deeper you fall and the harder it gets to break free? A Doll’s House explicitly portrays a role and status of women in the 1900s. Ibsen uses clear characters and morals to support his ideas. Throughout the whole novel Ibsen uses a female character Nora, to perfectly contrast the social status of female to male.  However I personally did not get some of the ideas that Ibsen showed but, I have seen a relationship between my cousin and her boyfriend. He was controlling, and very manipulative towards Nora. Of course deep into a relationship one does not realize he or she is being used until one day a series of event occurs which traumatizes one. In general I found the novel to be interesting and well detailed. Women were considered to be housewives that could not think for themselves. Furthermore they went even lower into being considered possessions and decorations of the house. However Ibsen contradicts this idea in this novel by exploring every aspect of life that Nora lives. Ibsen strongly believes women should be considered on equal grounding as men despite their physical strength. By the end of the novel Nora shows her resolve by reaching her breaking point and within the novel she experiences a struggle which triggers it. Everything starts out with her borrowing money from a man named Krogstad. Things progress when Nora forges her father’s signature in order for her family to survive. Time passes, they manage to pull through and on top of that Torvald gets promoted to manager status. Conflict occurs when Krogstad learns that he is about to lose his job so he blackmails Nora saying if he loses his job he will unmask her and bring her down with him. Without furthermore address he says that he wants a higher position and that he will crush Torvald and become the manager himself. By...
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