A Dogs Life - Squirrel

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Squirrel is the main character in” A Dogs Life”. Squirrel is a sweet, gentle female dog who just wants care and affection. Now that her mother and Bone were gone she had to trust no one, and be confident with her decisions. One bad decision and she would be put in a pound or killed by stray dogs. She’s bine with all sorts of humans, ones who dint care about her and hurt her, ones that cared for her, and ones who forgot she was even there. In the end she learns to like humans, but not all of them and be more courageous like Bone and Moon.

Bone is squirrels brother. He’s is the courageous, curious, fun, and confident sibling. Not like Squirrel, but Squirrel was especially close to her brother Bone. Before he was taken from her he showed her how to take care of herself and start to be more courageous and confident.

Susan is an old woman who finds Squirrel, cold, without comfort and friendship, and starving in her backyard. Susan is a nice women who would really have to like dogs to bring a stray in and spend most of her money on Squirrel. I really like Susan because she was always so nice to Squirrel and in the end Susan and Squirrel who were both old ladies, enjoy the rest of their lives together.

I think things that are different from the characters are bone is confident and courageous and squirrel is not, Susan and Squirrel are almost made for each other but if bone was there he would not have trusted Susan like Squirrel did.som things that are the same about the character is that they all have big hearts and they all loved squirrel.
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